the black swan tribe in western australia

Anysia & Meegan
The First American Tribal Style Performers in Western Australia
Accept no substitutes!

Sept 2002: First A.T.S. Performers in W.A.
Aug 2003: Innovated the use the Co-teacher system in W.A.
First introduced by us in 2003, we established the Co-teacher method, with maximum
class size of six, guaranteeing individual attention is available for all students.

american tribal style bellydancers

Photographs courtesy of Mar Knox, of Opportunity Images, Wing Chung, and Daryl Colgan.

We are American Tribal Style belly dancers. This style of dancing originated in India, and traveled along the gypsy trail, through south Asia to Northern Africa, taking dance elements from each stop and visit. The costume has developed from this journey. The dance top, Choli, is from India. The pantaloons, Moroccan. The turban, Turkey. The full skirt, Spain. The tasslebelt, of Middle Eastern beginnings, was originally camel/horse headgear, and was altered, to become an intergral part of the costume. Bits and pieces added to personalise and decorate it. The jewelry mostly of Middle Eastern design, from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkoman, Banjara, Waziri, and Kuchi tribes, although anything interesting can be used.
This dance style was originally developed by Jamilla Salimpour, and later named "American Tribal Style Bellydance" by Carolena Nericcio, founder and director of Fat Chance Belly Dance.

This dancing style is a celebration of women, of their strength and beauty, no matter their age or size.

After about 8 months of studio instruction, and twice-a-week practice sessions outside the studio, and using the FCBD Complete Student Package to guide us, we debuted as the First American Tribal Style Performers in W.A. at Tahia's Hafla at "Milanos Restaurant" on Sept 5th, 2002.
We did a marvelous duo utilising Tribal and traditional egyptian music.

We still needed more practical experience, especially in a group dynamic, we worked with a student group from the local dance studio. With the help of our FCBD Tribal Basics Package, we danced with them as the first A.T.S. student group in Western Australia three months later.

What's in a Name

We had thought long and hard about the name of our tribe. We have often seen and heard names of dancers and groups that are named over and over after far away, exotic places that they probably haven't been anywhere near. Or an esoteric name whose meaning was unknown to most. We didn't want that. We wanted to show that we are local talent, proud of where we started. We wanted to have something to be associated with us that was almost iconic to the area. The beautiful Black Swans. Their grace, elegance and breathtaking beauty symbolised this dance style, and being native to Western Australia decided us.
The Black Swan Tribe of Western Australia.

Black Swan Tribe Resume

Fully Insured, and Member of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.
AMCOS/ARIA licenced.
We follow the Safe Dance guidelines as proscribed by AusDance.
Proud supporters of the Cancer Council W.A.