Milanos Restaurant Sept 2002, and Melville Bowl October 2002,
We had noticed the group straying from the FCBD format, with invented and adapted moves being shown and only doing structured, choreographed routines. We felt we had learned all they were able to share, so it was time to move on. All photographs of our work with the student group are available upon request.

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Duo Debut at Milanos Restaurant, Sept 5th 2002

  1. Milanos #1
  2. Milanos #2
  3. Milanos #3
  4. Milanos #4
  5. Milanos #5
  6. Milanos #6
  7. Milanos #7

Melville Bowling Club, Sheik to Sheik Student Harem Night 2002

  1. Melville Bowl, #1
  2. Melville Bowl, #2
  3. Melville Bowl, #3