Costume Elements: Listed version

  1. Tribal/flamenco style skirt doc
  2. Tribal/flamenco style skirt HTML
  3. Circle skirt pattern with instructions HTML
  4. Circle skirt pattern with instructions DOC
  5. How the original W.A. choli was born
  6. Choli Pattern with instructions HTML
  7. Nonstretch fabric Choli pattern and instructions. We used plush leopard fabric, and it worked a treat!
  8. Choli Pattern with instructions DOC
  9. How to make a coin bra
  10. Pantaloons Pattern
  11. Web Mesh Tassel Belt
  12. Meegans' Kimono/Obi tasselbelt
  13. Meegans' Shisha tasselbelt
  14. Anysias' 1st Toran hanging belt
  15. Anysias' 2nd Toran hanging belt
  16. Purple Toran hanging belt
  17. Beaded Cowry Shell Belt with Tassels
  18. Coin Bra on choli
  19. Tribal Belly Dance Costume
  20. Build a Turban, 300k animated gif
  21. Front View of Meegans Tribal Belly Dance Costume
  22. Meegans Tribal Belly Dance costume, front close up
  23. Meegans Tribal Belly Dance costume, back view
  24. Meegans Tribal Belly Dance costume, back view, close up

Updated March 21, 2005

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We get asked some of the same questions when we am performing
These are the most common ones we have been asked at each performance.
  1. Are the tattoos real? (Yes,they are)
  2. Is that jewerly real? (real vintage, yes. Precious, yes to the informed person.)
  3. Are those real coins on that bra? (Yes, but not of local mint)
  4. Is that bra heavy? (oh gods yes!)
  5. Is all that jewelry heavy? (referring to turban and necklace/s. Yes, hence that great posture)
  6. Are those braids your hair? (as in not bought and paid for add ons, and Yes, it is. )
  7. Where did you get the costume/dance outfit? (usually shock when we tell them we make them)
  8. How long does it take you to get ready? (if all goes well 2 hours from start to finish.)
  9. How do you learn the routines? (Surprise when told it's improv. No routine to remember, just live the music)
  10. How do you keep time dancing while play zils? (Practice practice practice)
  11. Who can learn this dance? (anyone, whether you are young or old (one student of mine was 82) short, tall, round skinny, Anyone!)