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your instructors, anysia and meegan american tribal style belly dancers
Your Instructors, Anysia and Meegan.
Sept 2002: First A.T.S. Performers in W.A.
Aug 2003: Innovated the use the Co-teacher system in W.A.
First introduced by us in 2003, we established the Co-teacher method, with maximum
class size of six students per teacher, guaranteeing individual attention is available for all students.

Anysia studied different forms of dancing in the US, including Classical Egyptian bellydancing, and Medieval dances. While studying Medieval dancing, she was instructed on how to teach dancing in the US, by Lady Silva (Classical Egyptian Bellydancer) and Random Ap Hobart (aka Tim Whitaker), Dance Master of the SCA ('90 to '94). After moving to Australia, she was a student of Egyptian belly dance, American Tribal Style bellydance for 3 years, then a performer, and has been a teacher since 2002.

Meegan began bellydancing with egyptian classes in 2001, excelled in those classes.
Then she saw American Tribal Style Belly Dance and was smitten. She has been studying American Tribal Style bellydance for 2 years, and performing, and now teaching.

"Black Swan Tribe: Exciting non-choreographed tribal belly dancers!"
('Incahoots' Music Cafe)

Due to job demands, we are not currently scheduling classes at this time.
Thank you for your interest. Please check back again soon.

Learn the dance inspired by the nomadic gypsy trails through India and the Middle East, in a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere. The First A.T.S. Performers and the first instructors in West Australia to use the Co-teaching system so that no student is left behind. Maximum class size is six students, so individual attention is given when needed. Fun and lively atmosphere. We follow the teaching and dance style of ATS originator, Carolena Nerrichio from Fat Chance Bellydance in San Francisco.

Black Swan Tribe Class, Westerly W.A.

The Black Swan Tribe teaches dancing to both tradition tribal rhythms and contemporary music!

The Black Swan Tribe is fully insured, and Member of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.
AMCOS/ARIA licenced.
We follow the Safe Dance guidelines as proscribed by AusDance.

Rules and Guidelines

1.  All tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, and payable by the 2nd week of term. Session rates payable at the start of each class.
2.   Please try to be on time, dressed and ready for class. On what to wear for class, please check information listed below.
3.   Please do not come to class if you are ill. Stay home and get well.
4.  Please tell the teachers if you have been recently injured, or are recovering from an injury or health problem.
5.  Please do not eat candy or chew gum in class. You could easily choke on them.
6.  Although we do encourage questions during class, please do not disrupt the class with idle banter and chatter. Yours and our time is valuable. Save the gossip for afterwards.
7.   Turn off your cell phone. If you have pressing reasons to leave your phone turned on (example: ill child at home, relative about to give birth) please answer your phone outside of the classroom.
8.  Adult students attending dance class may bring their child class only if the child is old enough to entertain self quietly at the provided table for the entire class. No exceptions.
9.  Please do not tell your teachers how to instruct the class or how to teach dance moves. Questions are a different matter.
10.  Please do not correct or criticize your fellow students/dancers.
11.  Students may occasionally be invited to perform at volunteer functions. This is not an open invitation to attend all or professional performances.
12.  All dancers that commit to a perfomance are required to attend at least one dress rehersal with all participating dancers. Failure to attend will result in being sidelined.
Tribal dance is a supportive group activity and these guidelines are meant to enhance your enjoyment of the class/dancing.

What to wear: Tights, yoga pants or dance leggings preferred. This is so we can see the placement of feet, and position of knees and hips. Crop top or fitted T-shirt, preferrably a different color from the leggings. A hip scarf (or a coin belt if you have it). Intermediate and advanced students can wear skirt.