The Black Swan Tribe
at Sirocco Club - Kidogo

This was my 're-debut' since my back surgery*. Jamilla gave me warm fuzzy feelings
when she said as she introduced us to the audience, that of all the tribal
groups she has seen, we are her favorites. That we put so much emotion and of ourselves into it.
(remember, click on pics to see them full sized)

Pre-show schmooze.
Sirocco Club at Kidogo
Can you tell we were having the time of our lives?

True, I am not 100% yet, and not quite ready to get back into teaching/performing on regular basis.... but I am well on my way.

*Anysia: In 1984, I was in a motorcycle accident, landed hard on my right elbow damaging the right rotator cuff, and my right hip, wrenching the lower spine. But because of my fitness, and knowledge of what was safe and proper dance methods, it took over 20 years for the original damage to flare up. The damage has been surgically corrected, and with proper physical rehab, and fitness training I am making a very fast return to my previous state of fitness.