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Tattoos, Henna designs and Tattooed Tribal Dancers

Some American Tribal Style Belly dancers have tattoos. It's a personal choice, and not a requirement for tribal bellydancing. And yes, we often get asked if the tattoos are real. Make sure if you're getting a permanent tattoo done, that the artist/studio is reputable, and you have your design exactly as you want it. Once it's done, it's very difficult to have it changed or removed!

Preparation and aftercare of your tattoo

Anysia: I had always wanted a tattoo, but never seemed to have the time Getting temporary henna tattoos was sending money down the drain. So I decided to make the time to have my design tattooed on permanently.
Meegan: AUM is the sanskrit symbol of the absolute. It means oneness with the supreme being (God, Goddess et al) and symbolises the merging of the physical with the spiritual.
Horus, Guardian of the Elemental Realms (Air, fire, water and earth). I have always had an affinity with birds of all sorts, especially raptors. So getting this version of Horus as my first tattoo was a very natural choice for me to do.
This one depicts the sunrise.
When I was pregnant with both of my children I did yoga regularly at home and since then I have had major surgery and find yoga to be extremely beneficial to recovery and necessary to my well being. The symbol's a reminder that it's important for me to stop and relax my mind and body through yoga. Taking a deep breath and chanting Aum is a great way to relax

New addition to the artwork

Anysia:I had this in mind for a long time, and after designing it to be just the way I wanted it, I got it done. Also my first tattoo needed to be corrected and re-inked
Meegan: Tree of Life - This tattoo is a design that is very much representative of me and how I relate to the world.
Tribal Dancer Tattoo
Tree of Life Tattoo
Winged Solar disk.
Ancient symbol of a solar eclipse in many cultures.
I melded the Egyptian variety with the linear but more
pictographic Native/South American "Sun Bird" to make
a graceful arc. Symmetry, especially when in motion.
With the first tattoo, they are depictions of the sunrise,
and the eclipse.
It is actually a horticultural design of a grapevine from the Bodlean Manuscripts (15th century I think) which I have altered a little to suit myself.For me it symbolises the divinity of natural design. I love the flowing shape of the trunk and the way it moves when I do.

The OHM, and Horus were done by:

Redbacks Tattoo Studio

Steve Mack
Redback Tattoos
Shop 1 337 Carrington St.
Hamilton Hill W.A.

The Winged Solar disk, and re-inking was done by:

Jason Hutagalung

Meegans' "Tree of Life" was done by



W.A.Ink Tattoo
P.T.A.A. Studio
20 Henry Street
Fremantle W.A. 6160


Winged Solar Disc

Henna Designs

Henna designs are a tribal belly dancers' perfect alternative for getting a permanent tattoo.
They can last a few weeks,and you can have a different design everytime!

Anysia: My First Henna design
Anysia: The cost of this henna design was what decided me to have my tattoo made permanent
A lovely Haitian design, depicting Erzulie. Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

For these and other beautiful henna designs, concise information on all henna products,
and important alert to the dangers of "Black Henna":

Henna Moon
Located at
136 Hampton Road
Fremantle, W.A. 6160